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FOIA Psychotronic Weapons Docs Released by Fusion Center

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FOIA Psychotronic Weapons Docs Released by Fusion Center

In April, the seemingly accidental release of FOIA documents from the Washington State Fusion Center may end up vindicating those who claim the government uses psychotronic weapons on citizens.

It sounds your usual conspiracy theory, if only it wasn’t true.

It all started when Curtis Waltman of the news organization MuckRock issued a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the Washington State Fusion Center.

He had requested documents related to Antifa and White Supremacist groups. Inside the collection of electronic documents he received related to his request, he also received a seemingly unrelated file titled “EM effects on human”.

The ZIP file included a collection of documents related to the effects of using “Psycho-Electronic” weapons on the human body.

At, we’ve covered the topic of EM weapons frequently in the past.

We’ve also covered past government documents that described research into effects of electromagnetics on humans.

psychotronic weapons

However, what makes this case somewhat more disturbing is that these documents were held by a State Fusion Center. These centers are tasked as “focal points for the receipt, analysis, gathering, and sharing of threat-related information…” related to Homeland Security.

So what interest, exactly, would such centers have in the effects of psycho-electronic weapons on the human body? Are citizens currently under the threat of the use of such weapons by foreign or domestic agents? Or are these fusion centers exploring various methods of using such weapons on U.S. citizens they consider a “threat”?

The ramifications of this are disturbing, particularly for proponents of Civil Liberties.

In one document apparently put together by a researcher, various effects of EM weapons included:

* Force memory blanking and induced erroneous actions
* Induced changes to hearing
* Externally controlled forced speech
* Wildly racing heart without cause
* Forced nudging of arm, causing injury or spills
* Special attention to genital area: itching, forced orgasm, intense pain
* Legs: wild flaily, sometimes followed by short periods of “rigor mortis”
* Reading and broadcasting thoughts
* Controlled dreams
* Forced waking visions
* Microwave hearing
* Transparent eyelids
* Artificial tinnitus
* Forced movement of jaw and clacking of teeth

This random page seems to be a list of effects actually discovered during experiments conducted on humans. But a very odd statement at the bottom of the document seems out-of-place.

“Involuntary test subjects also experience frequent break-and-enters at home and at work with clothing and furniture, business papers, computer files sabotaged, modified, or stolen. Psychological warfare research is the likely motive.”

This actually implies that the documents are not related to anything the U.S. government is doing, but a threat they’ve witnessed from foreign agents conducting psychological warfare tests on U.S. citizens.

The last paragraph makes it clear that these documents are not part of some kind of think-tank theoretical scenario, but a collection of observed effects from actual psychological warfare attacks on U.S. citizens.

Citizens, or government workers in other countries, who’ve become “involuntary test subjects” in the psychotronic weapons testing of other countries, or even potentially terrorist groups.

As creepy and unrealistic as this sounds, we do know based on existing government documents that this kind of research has been going on since the 70’s. It would be naive to think that weapons that have the potential to remotely influence the human body and mind have not been pursued since then.

If you have any reason to believe that you’re under attack from EM weapons such as this, there are highly effective EMF shielding garments and hats that can help you defend yourself.

Yes, people may accuse you of being paranoid, but if it reduces or completely eradicates your symptoms, that’s a win in anyone’s book.

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