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Are Aliens Real?

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Are Aliens Real?

One of the most enduring questions of humanity, what everyone wants to know, is are aliens real?

While most of Ufology is inundated with scams, fraudsters, and ridiculous stories, the reality is that there is a very real chance that aliens are most certainly real.

Yes Aliens Are Real…Most Likely

We’re going to look at the scientific evidence that show there could very likely be life on other planets.

This may not appease believers throughout the field of Ufology who insist that aliens are not only real, but they’re already here visiting us. And the government is covering it up.

But we’re going to look at the odds not only of the possibility of alien life, but also why they can’t possibly be visiting Earth already.

Stephen Hawkings on Why Aliens Are Real

One of the most reknowned experts in the world on this matter, most of us would agree, is Stephen Hawking.

Stephen himself admitted that there is a distinct possibility of life forming on other planets at some point.

In his essay Life in the Universe, Hawkings explains.

“But, the fact that several pulsars are observed to have planets suggests that a reasonable fraction of the hundred billion stars in our galaxy may also have planets. The necessary planetary conditions for our form of life may therefore have existed from about four billion years after the Big Bang.”

There are people who might say that the chances of this occuring somewhere else in the Universe is so small as to be nonexistant.

starry sky

But Hawking also questions this “barely a possibility” argument as well.

“If the probability of life developing on a given planet, is very small, why did it happen on Earth, in about one 14th of the time available.”

In his concluding remarks, Hawking leaves no doubt whatsoever that he believes Alien life — intelligent alien life — is out there, waiting for us to discover it.

“I prefer a fourth possibility: there are other forms of intelligent life out there, but that we have been overlooked.”

This, in my opinion, is the most intelligent conclusion, when you look up at the unlimited number of stars in the sky. The endless possibilities in every direction, of intelligent life in our Universe.

I know many ardent skeptics who are disgusted by believers who scurry around digging for evidence that aliens crash landed at Roswell. Yet many of these same skeptics admit that they actually believe in the very real possibility of alien life out there.

The Drake Equation

When legitimate scientists study the question of alien life, they do so using…science.

In this field, the science that answers the question are aliens real, uses something called the “Drake equation”.

If you’ve never heard of this before, we’ll go over it now. If you have, feel free to jump down to our discussion about whether alien life is already here on Earth.

And if you are interested, but aren’t really looking to dive into the science itself, I’ll give you the answer.

Scientists aren’t trying to figure out if there are aliens. They’re trying to figure out how many (or few) intelligent civilizations there could be.

So, let’s look at the factors that make up the Drake Equation. This was a formula derived by an astrophysicist by the name of Frank Drake, in 1961.

  • N = Number of technologically advanced civilizations in our galaxy
  • R = The rate of star formation in the galaxy
  • fp = Fraction of stars with planetary systems
  • ne = Number of planets in each solar system with an environment suitable for life
  • fl = The fraction of suitable planets where life actually appears
  • fi = The fraction of life-bearing planets where intelligent life emerges
  • fc = Fraction of developed civilizations with technology that would release detectable signs of life
  • L = The timeframe these civilizations released detectable signals into space.

Science has already determined the rate of star formation, and the fraction of stars in our galaxy with planetary systems. So these are two known variables.

They are also very close to understanding the number of planets that have an environment suitable for life to form. That’s three known variables.

What do scientists – legitimate, intelligent scientists who are not all wrapped up in the kind of nonsense that goes on in the ghettos of Ufology – think the answers to this formula might be?

I can assure you that few believe the answer is 0.

Lowest estimates of two-thirds of Drake Equation studies put the possibilities at 100 advanced civilization in our galaxy. Some estimate numbers as high as 100 million advanced civilizations. And that’s only in our galaxy.

So tell me again how skeptical scientists who are doing this hard work, are not supporting the idea that alien life is real?

Yes, the distribution of answers means there are some scientists who believe we’re probably alone in the universe. But there are at least that many astrophysicists who believe there are possibly some.

Recent NASA Observations

Since the number of planets with an environment suitable for life is a multiplying factor, the more habitable planets found, the better the odds are for alien life to exist (obviously).

According to NASA, in the past 20 years of exploration with powerful telescopes like the Kepler telescope, the breakdown of expolanets (potential habitable planets) is as follows.

  • Candidate exoplanets: 2,737
  • Confirmed exoplanets: 2,652

These are the numbers from both the Kepler and the K2 NASA missions. These are missions that are making observations within the areas of our galaxy (referred to by NASA as “slices”). If that is multiplied out percentage-wise by the number of stars in areas that we can’t “see”, the potential number of planets skyrockets.

Of course the possibility that aliens are real exists, after all why would so many scientists be dedicating their life’s work to finding it?

Are Aliens Visiting Earth?

Then there’s the controversial question about whether aliens have already found us.

There are countless books published that propose the Roswell crash in New Mexico in July of 1947 was a sign that aliens already arrived. Witnesses reported seeing deformed bodies that didn’t look human. But considering that this even took place immediately following WWII, and in the heat of tensions between the U.S. and Russia, why would anyone resort to the low probabiliy conclusion that the craft was alien?

Would a more sane, and much more probably answer be that the crash was either some kind of failed top secret experiment? Or maybe some other Earthly explanation?

One of the best theories of this kind of scenarios comes from author and researcher Annie Jacobsen in her book Area 51.

In her book, Jacobsen points to Nazi experiments that took place in Germany in the lead-up to WWII by a horrible Nazi doctor by the name of Josef Mengele, the “Angel of Death”.

He had experimented on adult and child prisoners in Auschwitch. There is overwhelming documentation of his experiments.

In her book, Jacobsen says she identified and interviewed a source – a retired engineer from EG&G who said he had been put on the Roswell Project in Area 51, in 1978.

According to her source, he admitted that a crash occured. But it was part of a plot by the Soviet Union to use a single wing Horton Ho 229 stealth aircraft to create Orsen Wells-style panic in the United States. He told her that the Soviets loaded the craft with “grotesque, child sized aviators” from Mengele’s experiments.

The plane allegedly crash landed, and led not only to the infamous crash, but the resulting U.S. government cover-up.

I have to agree with Hawkings, when he writes in his essay:

“So why is the galaxy not crawling with self designing mechanical or biological life forms? Why hasn’t the Earth been visited, and even colonised. I discount suggestions that UFO’s contain beings from outer space.”

CIA Presidential Briefings

A few years ago, I had stipulated that the craft could have been part of Japan’s loaded-munition balloons they were sending to the United States during WWII, but instead loaded with victims from Japanese experiments.

Jacobsen’s theory, as well, is far more probable than aliens with advanced anti-gravity craft capabilities, who could manage to travel interstellar distances, yet foolishly crash landing on a planet.

There is a glimmer of hope in all of this. And that is that this year the CIA has been declassifying and releasing Presidential briefings from 1946 through 1951.

They are frustratingly doing it in piecemeal fashion, and so far have only released all of 1946.

However, it will be interesting to see what turns up when they finally get around to releasing the Presidential briefings from 1947.

Particularly, July of 1947.

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