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Travis Walton Says Aliens Saved His Life

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Travis Walton Says Aliens Saved His Life

In a 2017 interview at a UFO converence, with Near Death Experiment, Travis Walton said that he now believes that the aliens who abducted him did so in order to save his life.

Travis Walton was born in 1953. In 1975, when he was only 22 years old, Travis claims he was abducted by aliens while working with a logging crew in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest in Arizona.

The Walton Abduction

If you’ve seen the movie Fire in the Sky, or you already know Travis Walton’s story, feel free to scroll down.

Travis’ alien abduction is probably one of the best known alien abduction stories in the world.

Just after 6 p.m. on November 5, the crew got into their truck to return home. On the way they spotted a light just behind a hill ahead of them.

As they came closer, they could see a 20 foot wide disc hovering just above a clearing.

Witness reports from the crew claim the following series of events took place:

  • As the truck slowed, Travis jumped out and ran toward the object
  • As he was almost below it, the craft started making “turbine” sounds and started to wobble
  • Suddently a blue-green light shot from the craft, struck Walton, and threw him back 10 feet
  • The crew panicked and left both the craft and Walton’s limp body behind

When the crew returned to town, they reported the vent to Deputy Sheriff Chuck Ellison. Ellison reported the situation to Sheriff Marlin Gillepsie.

When the police and a few of the crew returned to the scene, Walton was gone and there was no sign of any such event taking place.

The next morning, police and community volunteers searched the area for Walton, but he was nowhere to be found. Unfortunately, word spread quickly and Ufologists swarmed the town and started creating a media circus.

The Polygraph and Walton’s Return

It is important to note that the polygraph test that took place on November 10 was conducted by Arizona Department of Public Safety employee Cy Gilson.

Gilson found that all men (except Dallis who failed to complete his test):

“…did see some object they believed to be a UFO, and that Travis Walton was not injured or murdered by any of these men on that Wednesday.”

Five days after he disappeared, Travis claims that the aliens had dropped him on the side of a road somewhere west of Heber, Arizona at midnight. He saw the craft leave as he stood up. He made his way to a Union 76 station not far away, but no one would answer.

He then ran to a nearby Exxon station and called his brother-in-law, Grant. Both Grand and Travis’ brother Duane drove the 3 miles to pick him up.

Travis thought he’d been gone for only a couple of hours, and was shocked when they told him that he’d been missing for 5 days.

I’ve left out the bulk of Walton’s tale, because there are so many places you can read or watch the full story.

I would avoid Fire in the Sky if you want to know the accurate tale, because it was hugely fictionalized. But Travis himself wrote a book about the event and his experience inside the “ship”. There is a condensed version of the story available online.

You can also read the full report MUFON conducted with Travis Walton in November of 1975.

Travis Believes Aliens Saved Him

In the years following his alleged abduction, Ufologists around the world have written about his story. Hollywood massacred it. Skeptics have spent years analyzing every witness account and police report.

Small elements of the story – specific statements and behavior of Walton’s mother and other members of the crew – have been used to cast a shadow of doubt on the tale.

But even today, Travis Walton maintains his version of events. He has never wavered.

In a 2017 interview, he tells a reporter of Near Death Experiment that in recent year’s he’s come to the conclusion that the aliens had accidentally harmed him when he was struck by the blue-green beam that nearly killed him.

He believes that they took him on board the ship to save his life.

Here is a transcription of the interview:

Reporter: So you were referring earlier to it being kind of an ambulance mission when they picked you up. I was wondering why you think they didn’t just leave you there after harming you?

Travis: Well, I think that would give a seriously incorrect impression. To be killed, by fault of my own I understand, you know, I got to close and got myself hurt. But if they had taken off and left me then it would be, you know, “Alien kills man”. So, instead of leaving me there as galactic roadkill, they were boxed it. They had to, uh, take me aboard and revive me. And they were the only ones in a position to do so. Because, you know, the nearest hospital was over an hour away, none of the crew knew CPR.

It’s fortunate that the crew did flee. You know, people criticize them saying that was less than heroic but, had they jumped out there and dragged me to safety. Whatever had hit me there could have been permanently fatal. So it’s actually to my betterment that they did leave and give the aliens a chance to take me in and clean things up.

Reporter: So you’ve come to the realization in retrospect that these are benevolent creatures?

Travis: Yeah, it took me a long time to connect emotionally to that understanding. But I made a conscious effort to do so, and it’s really helped in my ability to talk about it without experiencing, you know, flashback stress.

Is Travis Walton Telling the Truth?

In the past, I’ve torn apart various stories people have told about their alleged experiences with aliens.

I’ve reported on Betty Hill admitting she expected to receive millions for her story. We’ve published countless stories tearing Billy Meier’s claims to shreds.

But Travis Walton’s story is different. By all accounts both Travis and his crew were seriously bothered by what they had witnessed. You can even see this inner struggle today when you watch Travis speak in person.

I can’t say that the craft was a alien one, or that it wasn’t some other scenario that left Travis with the belief that he had been abducted and terrorized by alien beings. But regardless, I think Travis truly believes that what he remembers is exactly what happened.

Whether it really was is a debate best left to the UFO believers and hard-core skeptics to duke out. Neither side has enough evidence to prove anything in this case, so unfortunately it will probably remain nothing more than an interesting story told over campfires.

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