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Top Secret UV Pen: 7 Amazing Uses For Adults

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Top Secret UV Pen: 7 Amazing Uses For Adults

If you’ve never used a top secret UV pen, you might be amazed with just how many uses it may have in your daily life. General these UV pens are considered novelty toys for kids, but for an adult who need a way to keep information private, these are effective tools.

A top secret UV pen uses ink made from natural ingredients that glow when exposed to UV light. Some examples include lemon juice, vinegar, dilute laundry detergent, and even tonic water. These ingredients contain what are known as “photoinitiators”, which absorb UV light and cause the “ink” to glow.

7 Uses For a Top Secret UV Pen

A UV pen isn’t just a novelty toy. Everyone should have one. Ideally, the best top secret UV pens are ones that come with a UV “blacklight” built right into the cap of the pen itself. These usually require batteries, but make revealing top secret UV markings very easy.

Think you wouldn’t have any use for such a “novelty” item? Think again. They may not be a high tech spy gadget, but they have their place. The following are the 7 best uses for a top secret UV pen.

1. Store Passwords in Plain Sight

Are you tired of forgetting all of your various passwords? Storing passwords on your computer or mobile phone is dangerous, because those devices can get hacked and hackers would have access to the file containing your passwords. If you store passwords in a cloud account like Google Drive, that’s vulnerable to hacking as well.

Instead, keep your passwords offline but easily accessible by jotting them all down in an empty page of your notebook, using a top secret UV pen.

empty notebook page

Ideally, you should keep this “secret passwords” page somewhere in the back of your notebook. Choose a page number you’ll remember, like the 7th page from the back of the notebook. This will reduce the risk that someone will discover your password page.

By choosing a page toward the back of the notebook, you can use the notebook as normal. This will reduce the suspicion that the notebook has some other secret purpose.

Whenever you need to remember one of your passwords, just flip to the 7th page from the back and shine the UV light from your top secret UV pen onto the page.

2. Mark Original Documents to Avoid Conterfeit

If you’re in the real estate, art, or any other industry that requires close control over original documents, a top secret UV pen can help.

Just use the UV pen to make unique, identifiable symbols on the front and/or back of each of the original documents immediately after printing. This way, regardless who you send the documents to in order to fill out or sign, you’ll always know that you’ve received back the original documents that you sent out.

If you receive the documents back and they no longer have your secret UV marking, it’s very likely someone has made a copy and kept the original.

3. Include Secret Messages with Correspondence

Do you have someone who you want to write to, but are nervous about the secret correspondence getting intercepted along the way? A great way to send secret correspondence via snail mail is by writing a “fake” single-sided letter. Write the letter using regular ink, and make the correspondence believable, about things that are mundane and normal.

writing a letter

Once you’re done, flip over the documents and use your top secret UV pen to write the “real” letter on the opposite, blank side of those pages. If anyone does intercept the letter and open it, they’ll just see several pages of a normal-looking letter. No one will suspect that the real letter is printed on the blank, opposite side of each page in invisible UV ink.

Once your recipient receives the letter, they can use their own UV light to read your secret message!

4. Identify Your Stolen Goods

If you live in a college dorm or any other place where there are a lot of people living close to you, protecting your personal property isn’t always easy. There have been cases where people have had their bike stolen in a city park, and later that day they see someone riding the same exact bike in the same area.

Another way a top secret UV pen comes in handy is marking your personal property so you always know it’s yours.

bike on the street

Place your initials under the bike seat or on the frame. To protect your expensive artwork, write your name on the back in UV ink. Worried about your big screen TV getting stolen? Mark your initials with your UV pen on the back of the TV.

Should police ever recover your stolen goods after a robbery, you’ll be able to prove to them that it’s yours. Just pull out your UV pen and show them your initials marked on the stolen property!

5. Test Whether Your Staff Are Properly Cleaning

This may seem like a surprising use for a top secret UV pen, but if you run a business where your staff are expected to clean a bathroom it can really come in handy.

Make sure to use a water-soluable solution for your UV ink, and mark the inside of the toilet and sink with your top secret UV pen.

clean bathroom

After cleaning day, you can flash your UV light over the mark and see if it’s still there. If the UV mark hasn’t faded at all, you know your staff aren’t doing their job! If it’s only faded slightly, then you know they’re doing their cleaning halfheartedly.

This is a surprising trick that a lot of business owners use to make sure their staff are properly doing their cleaning duties.

6. Create a Secret Treasure Map

There are a lot of preppers today who’ve decided that they don’t trust the global banking system. To make up for this, they’ve started burying money, gold, and silver in secret caches on their property.

Yes, you could mark the cache with an item like a unique rock or some other object. But that only calls attention to the spot. Instead, bury your stash in an unmarked location and then carefully draw a map of its precise location in your notebook using your top secret UV pen.

treasure map

Store the blank notebook somewhere that no one would even think to look. One place might be amongst a library of books, or in a file cabinet in a pile of other blank notebooks. Keep note of the color of the notebook and the page you’ve drawn your map.

No one would take the time to use a UV light to check every single page of every notebook in a pile of notebooks. It’s one of the most effective places to hide a map. And when you need your cache of goods, you’ll know exactly how to find it.

7. Prevent Ebay Fraud

One surprising scam that’s common on sites like eBay and Poshmark involves the old switched return. The way this works is someone will buy an expensive product from you. When they receive it, they’ll file a complaint. The claim may be that the product was the wrong size or otherwise defective.

When it comes to returning the product for a refund, the buyer will return a counterfeit product. Or they’ll return one that’s in poor condition.

How can you know that the returned product is yours? By marking it with your top secret UV pen of course!

If the returned product doesn’t feature the mark, you can report the buyer for fraud. Use your picture of the original UV marking as evidence.

Make Your Own Top Secret UV Pen

If you don’t want to buy a UV pen, you can always make your own. The following video shows how you can transform a standard highlighter into a top secret UV pen.

Keep in mind that you will need to purchase the invisible ink to make the UV pen. However it only costs roughly $15 for a large bottle. This is much cheaper than buying several secret UV spy pens.

Can you think of any other cool uses for a top secret UV pen? Share your ideas in the comments section below!

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