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FBI Wanted to Use Soviet Mind Control Tech in Waco

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FBI Wanted to Use Soviet Mind Control Tech in Waco

In February of 1993, the FBI went head-to-head with a religious cult in Waco known as the Branch Davidians.

The Waco miniseries offered on Netflix provides one of the most detailed and insightful looks at what went on both inside and outside the Branch Davidian compound during that fateful standoff.

What the documentary, and most other coverage of the FBI’s handling of that case does not go into is how the FBI were exploring the use of Soviet mind control technology in Waco.

Soviet Mind Control Tech in Waco?

This sounds like the sort of harebrained conspiracy theory you wouldn’t expect to find here at TopSecretWriters, since our mandate is to stick to theories that are supported with actual evidence.

This surreal scenario, however, is fully supported and outlined by an August 2000 article published in C4 Intercepts, an internal publication reviewing important external public articles, and archived in the CIA reading room library.

c4 intercepts article on fbi and waco

This document outlines a series of strange encounters between the FBI and Russian scientists.

According to the article, agents first met behind closed-doors with Dr. Igor Smirnov of the Moscow Medical Academy on March 17.

According to the article, one person involved with the meetings agreed to share details about them, anonymously, with C4 Intercept. He described the meetings as follows:

“After several meetings with Smirnov, FBI officials, who repeatedly expressed fears during the discussions that Koresh and his followers were suicidal, asked for a proposal describing the requirements and procedures for using the device in Waco.”

Exerpt from Defense Electronics, July 1993

Psychotronics Corp Facilitated Russian Meetings

It is notable that the article identified a Richmond Virginia company named Psychotronics Corp as responsible for organizing the meetings between the Russian scientist and the FBI.

There is very little information available about Psychotronics Corp, including who owned it or who ran the meetings. However one well-known person who has been very active during those years in the “psychotronics” community was John Alexander.

Alexander told Wired magazine in 2007 that he had heard about the details of the meeting from “people who were there”.

He told wired:

“It was the height of the Waco problem, they were grasping at straws,” he said of the FBI’s fleeting interest. “From what I understand from people who were there, it didn’t work very well.”

Wired, 2007

The Defense Electronics article revealed at least some of the “non-military” attendees of these meetings.

  • Dr. Richard Nakamur of NIMH
  • Dr. Christopher Green of General Motors

We’ve written about Dr. Green extensively here at TSW, and interviewed Dr. Green at one point about his research. So we were not surprised to learn of his involvement in these meetings. It also explains why Alexander had insight into the details of those meetings, since it’s well known that Green and Alexander are good friends.

Dr. Green had no other comment for the author of the article except to state that his involvement in the meetings were only conducted as part of his work as a member of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) panel and not as part of his work at GM.

According to the article, Psychotronic Corp entered into an agreement with Dr. Smirnov. Smirnov promised to provide “psycho-correction technologies” in exchange for stock in the company.

Did the FBI Use Mind Control in Waco?

While the FBI ultimately never resorted to testing Russian mind control technology on the Branch Davidians, they did resort to using psychological warfare.

The FBI attempted everything from cutting off power to the compound, throwing flash-bang grenades, and even flipping off and mooning members of the religious sect.

At one point the FBI began blasting loud music, the sound of rabbits getting slaughtered, and even Tibetan chats — all emitted from loudspeakers pointed toward the compound.

waco fire

As far as who started the fire – survivors insist that tanks knocked over lanterns which ignited the blaze, fueled by the use of military grade tear gas.

The FBI produced “secretly recorded” audio tapes supposedly with voices of people discussing starting a fire, according to Special Agent Byron Sage, one of the FBI’s key negotiators.

This of course, flies in the face of his other statement to the media that a CEV had accidentally severed phone lines into the compound, making communication impossible. Yet, somehow, they managed to install listening devices?

While the debate may never be final about who was at fault for the death of 76 Branch Davidians, including 20 children and 2 unborn babies, one thing this CIA document does prove is that the FBI was beyond desperate to use any means necessary to end the standoff, including exploring the use of Russian mind control technology on civilians.

What Ever Happend to “Psychotronic Corp”?

To date, there is no record of any company known as Psychotronic Corp in the Richmond, Virginia area.

More than likely, the organization was set up as a shill company to entice a Russian scientist to divulge details of Russian research into psychotronic mind control technologies.

igor smirnov

In fact the memos from the organization itself revealed that main purpose of the meetings, and it wasn’t primarily about sharing stock with the Russian doctor.

“The main purpose of the March meetings was described in the Psychotechnologies memo as to ‘determine whether psycho-correction technologies represent a present or future threat to U.S. national security.”

Given this, we highly doubt the good Dr. Smirnov ever did receive the fortune he hoped for after sharing what he knew about the Russian technology with Psychotronic Corp.

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