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Clay and Shawn Pickering’s UFO Disclosure Hoax

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Clay and Shawn Pickering’s UFO Disclosure Hoax

In 2010, film maker brothers Clay and Shawn Pickering distributed a story about “Source A”, allegedly an active-duty officer in the United States Navy who served as an liaison with Extra Terrestrial races on behalf of the UN.

The fantastical story as told by “Source A” was a huge hit amongst the Exopolitical crowd. Leaders in the exopolitics community like Salla, Greer, Webre, Komarek et al all started promoting the story online as real.

Two previously little known individuals, brothers by the names of Clay and Shawn Pickering, were solely to thank for catapulting this story onto an unsuspecting public in early 2008 and they kept the Ufology community updated on this source’s claims in online Ufology forums for over two years.

Secret Meetings: Intrigue and Suspense

On the April 9th of 2010, Clay Pickering, posting as ‘temporal’ at one Ufology forum, posted the following short message along with the attached photo.

“Hey OMF, here’s an attachment I want you to have a look at.”

Clay Pickering then posted the following :

“Dear OMF,

Recently I was at a “function” that involved Chief of Naval Operations/Admiral Gary Roughhead. Admiral Roughhead before 130 people (Navy & State Dept. & UN delegates) discussed the future of the Navy and its policies with nation-states. Needless to say, the admiral’s lecture was fascinating. For now, until I am given permission on what I can say about the event and “WHO” attended (no names or ranks will be forthcoming), I will refrain from commenting on the specifics. Yes, our source was there. Yes, I was the ONLY participant not on the original list and had to be “vetted” by Four different people in order to get in. Yes, our source had to vouch for me.

And most importantly of all, I met our source’s (third) counterpart to the UN!”

The implications of the message were quite clear, and Michael Salla arrived barely minutes later to reinforce the apparent significance of the meeting with the following post:

“Thanks Clay for sharing this information. I’m excited by the implications of you being given permission to start revealing what you heard and who was in attendance at the ‘function’ featuring Admiral Roughhead. Especially, the meeting with Source A’s (third) replacement at the UN with responsibility over the UFO discussions that have been secretly occurring in various fora since Source A’s replacement. The photo is significant since it shows that someone had to pull various strings to get you into that ‘function’, and that senior people in the Navy approve of your presence, and the implications of senior Navy personnel being discussed in relation UFO disclosure. So I look forward to more coming and thank you for your incredible patience in dealing with the public on this very complex and sensitive topic.”

Clay reiterated to the Ufology forum readers that this was clearly a highly secure and important meeting:

“I know there will be many questions, please be patient. Again, we want to respect security and the wishes that the participants shall remain anonymous.”

Followed by yet more intrigue and secrecy barely minutes later:

“We learned of this event with very little notice. This was purposely done to guarantee that security would be high with no advance warning, hence the nature of the vetting process. What also spoke volumes to Shawn and me is the high regard our source’s brethren hold him ( I conveyed the elements to Shawn later). Geez…talk about our guy working a room (lol). I can tell you guys without a doubt I was looked over pretty good; especially, source’s counterpart. Solid eye contact was made towards me by the counterpart when counterpart saw “our guy” speaking to me. It was at a later point that I introduced myself to the counterpart and engaged in small talk. The counterpart is a pro and our guy has a very high regard for this person. Yes, our guy was involved with briefing the counterpart about a week before the Korean hubbaloo. We learned this later by the way. Keep in mind guys, nothing was broached by me about the phenomena. I felt it was best to just observe and listen.

When your the only guy not vetted prior to the event, you better hold your cards close. Also, the event required that everyone pay sixty dollars a plate. I was relieved that I was asked to pay after I got vetted. The chicken tastes better and no one likes a crasher (lol).

Again guys, please refrain from asking any specific questions at this point. I just got off the phone (clicking like hell by the way) with our guy and told him we need to sit down and be clear on what I can say. This may take a little time.”

The above comments by Pickering and Salla were extremely important  in order to accurately determine their agenda and intent by posting such information.

Forum readers were left in no doubt as to the significance and implications of this function: That UFO disclosure was real and it was happening now!

What really happened: The Navy League Luncheon

Another member of the same Ufology forum, first name John, posted barely hours after the above comments had been made:

“Temp, your making this sound way more mysterious than it really is.

The photo is from the New York Athletic Club where the Admiral addressed the New York Council of the Navy League.

Cost to attend the Admiral’s speech, for members, $50.00.

Non- members, $60.00.

At least that price included open bar with wine, beer and soft drinks!

The Admiral had a busy day. He also stopped at NYU Poly Tech and the New York City Yacht Club where he talked about the same thing….the mission of the Navy and its global effects.

I wonder if State Dept personnel and UN delegates were present for that one as well. ;)”

Clearly, Mr. Pickering hadn’t counted on anyone actually checking into the details of Admiral Roughhead’s PUBLIC speaking engagements!

The Navy League Luncheon was a public event and had been advertised as such on their official website for weeks beforehand.  John not only checked the details online, he also went directly to the source and contacted one of the organizers of the luncheon, Mr Rick Kenney, the Executive Director of the New York Navy League.

—– Original Message —–

From: J*
To: navyleaguenyc@aol.com
Sent: Sunday, April 11, 2010 7:07 AM
Subject: Admiral Roughead Luncheon


I was wondering if you could clarify something. The recent luncheon (April 8th) with Admiral Roughead at the New York Athletic Club was attended by an acquaintance I know who claimed that the luncheon was also attended by State Dept personnel and UN delegates. He also claimed that no note taking was allowed. He definitely attended the function as he has a picture of himself with the Admiral in the background. I know that tickets to non-members were offered but I am surprised at his claim of State Dept personnel and UN delegates being present for a lecture/luncheon that was for intents and purposes a ‘public’ event. Does my aquaintance perhaps exaggerate?

Thanks for any insight.


Mr. Kenney replied a few days later:

—– Original Message —–

From: NavyLeagueNYC@aol.com
To: j*
Sent: Thursday, April 15, 2010 3:09 PM
Subject: Re: Admiral Roughead Luncheon

MR. *:  A cursory review of our records indicates that you are not currently a member of the New York Council of the Navy League.  Hence, I am puzzled at the reason for, and context of, your inquiry to this office.  Based on the claims you present, it appears that your unnamed “friend” is misinformed.  The CNO’s appearance was publicized, and was indeed intended as, a “public event,” as are most of his presentations.  He was accompanied by members of his own staff.  There were no “State Department personnel” in attendance.  There were also no “UN Delegates” in attendance. There were members of one or more foreign consular staffs in the room as guests of members of the Navy League and/or Naval Order, which co-sponsored the event.  This is nothing out of the ordinary, and they are, of course, part of the public at large, which we are pleased to welcome to any and all our sponsored events.  RICK

RICK KENNEY, Executive Director
New York Council, Navy League
USCG Battery Park Building
1 South Street
New York, New York 10004
Phone: (212) 825-7333
Fax: (212) 668-2138
E-mail: navyleaguenyc@aol.com
Website: www.nynavyleague.org

John also sought clarification from Joe Buff, a defensetech.org  blogger who attended the event and reported as such with his article CNO Reflects on Navy “Tipping Point” Factors.

Joe confirmed the same thing as Rick Kenney; the luncheon was a public event, the list of attendees was public knowledge, there was no secrecy surrounding the event and what’s more, members of the public were actively encouraged to attend!

Quite different indeed from the cloak and dagger intrigue the Pickering’s and friends had attempted to portray.

While this event was to turn into a major source of embarrassment for the Pickering’s and Source A, they couldn’t possibly have known exactly how bad things were going to get.

Faces in a Crowd

In the spirit of the gathering being a public event, the Navy League itself posted a large number of photographs from the luncheon on their website, 100 of them to be precise!

Around the time of the Navy League Fiasco, Stephen Broadbent and Ryan Dube contacted John and enquired about the possibility of working together in an attempt to crack open the Source A case.

John agreed and suggested we bring Andy on board. Andy Murray was a colorful character known to many by his online handle Murnut (latterly Mur) at several Ufology forums. He’d also been banned by one for his skeptical stance on the Pickering’s claims.

Thanks to the Pickering’s posting their photos of Admiral Roughhead to their Source A thread, AND the Navy League posting 100 photos of the event to their official website, Andy and John were able to narrow down the suspects for the Source A character down to just two or three likely candidates.

They did this simply by identifying where in the room Clay’s photos were shot from and correlating that perspective with the many photos available on the Navy League website.

It was a simple, yet brilliant piece of investigative skill. And there would be more to come.

Narrowing down the list of suspects from three to one wasn’t going to be easy, but fortunately, the Pickering’s made this task much easier by having Source A visit with a number of well known Ufologists.

Ryan Dube had maintained an amicable working relationship with one of those people, so sent an email containing a number of photos and some background information about the claims.

An hour later, the Ufologist (Bruce Maccabee) replied with the following:

“My recollection of him suggests that he is the guy at the left in the light colored suit.

The other suggested photos show very dark images, some of which might be poor pictures of him.”

Enter stage left, Source A:

For the first time since the story began, Source A – the man who claimed he was a liaison with several Alien races – now had a face.

He was still “anonymous”, but in name only.

CSI New York: Identifying Source A

The picture identified by Bruce yielded a very important clue. He was wearing a pin on his lapel, along with a tie-pin depicting an aircraft.

The lapel pin, the US Flag above a blue cross was identified by John as being the symbol of the “Naval Order of the United States”, a naval society with Commanderies in many US Cities; New York included.

Andy quickly found the website of the New York Naval Order Commandery and set about searching for further clues. In an ideal world, a world where scriptwriters make the rules perhaps, he would find another photo of the person identified as being Source A and he would be sporting a name tag. Of course, such things only happen in the movies and poorly written novels, don’t they?

No, no they don’t.

The 17th picture provided precisely that. “Source A” wearing a name tag! Move over Source A, say hello to Richard Theilmann.

By this time, the research team had been joined by Bryce Weiner, a member of conspiracy website Amkon.net who goes by the name of Cogburn. The threads at Amkon had become the place to go to if one wanted to discuss the material released by the Pickerings with more of a skeptical slant.

It was Bryce who found Theilmann’s contact details and it was also he who found a veritable treasure trove of information on his MySpace site.

Social Networking, ET Style

There could be no doubt that this was the person we were looking for. He had kindly provided a wealth of information and photographs which confirmed beyond all suspicion that this was the man with Clay Pickering at the New York Navy League Luncheon and the same man pictured on the New York Commandery website of the US Naval Order.

Richard Theilmann, male, 56 years old of Astoria, New York.

Luckily, there weren’t a great many Richard Theilmanns in the whole of the US, never mind New York. His age and location confirmed the details unearthed by Bryce as being accurate.

The research team couldn’t wait to read all about this very important person, and from the man himself, no less. Richard Theilmann, aka Source A, a liaison with alien races, would be one of the most important human beings who had ever lived!

The following was what he wrote about himself on MySpace:

“Ok, I’m an outgoing, friendly guy who people tell me that I give way too much of myself. So I guess selfish is not one of my faults. I love to flirt and enjoy talking to people. I’ve been known to be that guy who starts conversations at the bar or at parties. Love to party and dance, although I can’t quite do ballroom dancing but I’d love to take lessons with a sexy female.”

Not quite what the research team was expecting, but there was more:

“OK, Now we get to the sex part………… Nothing is more powerful or erotic as a woman who is turned on and wants it as much as I do. I really prefer to play with a woman who enjoys herself. Chemistry is all the thing. Now, I could go on and on and talk about ……………. but you’ll have to email me.”

Now that is definitely NOT what the team was expecting from an ambassador to the universe!

As if that wasn’t enough, toward the end of the biography section is this snippet:

“Oh, and as for being a Male Slave…. it’s all around great fun and a blast of a party ice breaker. Privately, with the right woman it’s awesome, and, yes, that IS a lock on my balls….. the birthday girl gets the key”

This wasn’t quite what the research team had been expecting.

Further clues to his real identity were quickly forthcoming.

Separating Fact from Fiction

The Naval Order website provided the team with another important piece of the puzzle. On the New York home page was a list of the Order’s leadership.

Toward the bottom of the list there was Richard Theilman, but misspelled with one ‘n’. The team knew the correct spelling because it was listed elsewhere on the site and on his nametag in the picture above.

Surprisingly, his name was listed on the site as the “Asst. Chaplain” of the New York Commandery. Also surprising was the omission of rank.

All active serving members of the Navy would normally be listed with their rank displayed alongside their name. The team knew he should be active because the Pickerings had mentioned that fact repeatedly. In fact, they were quite specific regarding Theilmann’s career. As you can see from this forum post:

“Not at all, Jeddyhi. Especially because the “reach” is coming from someone who has worn the uniform since 1968!; Especially since this officer has worked at Area 51.; Especially since this officer was tasked to be a diplomatic representative with the State Department, with military credentials, for disclosure to the UN; Especially since this officer met with his counterparts in Europe; Especially since this officer has and continues to liaise with the “boys topside”; Especially since this officer was able to get a non-listed (not cleared) member into a very significant luncheon using his pull; Especially since this officer allowed me to meet his UN counterparts; And most importantly, especially because this officer is a gentleman and has never lied to us.”

This means that he had allegedly “worn the uniform” since 1968, yet the team discovered he was 56 years old, born in 1953. In 1968 this would have made him 15 years old. Impossible for him to have been in the Navy.

What’s more, there was further proof that what the Pickerings were telling everyone couldn’t possibly be true. They repeated often that he is still on active duty, but elsewhere on the Naval Order website was information that shows that to be another lie.

In the 4th photo on the Navy Order website, there was another picture of Richard, this time with his wife Mary, and the caption: “LCDR Richard and Mary Theilmann”.

The Facebook site of the order gave the same rank for Richard, namely LCDR, which is short for “lieutenant commander”.


The LCDR officer rank is classed as a junior officer with a pay grade of o-4 (From WikiPedia).

More senior ranks, from commander through captain and all the way up to admiral are ranked from o-5 to o-10 respectively.

It would seem like a task of such enormous importance as that allegedly carried out by Source A, should be given to someone with a more significant pay grade?

It didn’t matter, because as another research team member “Access Denied” was to show, there is no way a LCDR could serve as long as 40 years or more in any case.


“In addition to regulating promotion opportunity and timing, DOPMA (Defense Officer Personnel Management Act of 1980) provides for an “up-or-out” promotion system that further standardizes career patterns. Under that system, officers who are not promoted to O-2, O-3, or O-4 after being reviewed for promotion for the second time must leave the military. To complete 20 years of service and become eligible for retirement, officers must attain the pay grade of O-4.(2) To remain beyond 20 years, they must advance even farther. Officers in pay grades O-5 and O-6 may complete 28 and 30 years of service, respectively.

2. The service secretaries, however, have the authority to permit an officer in pay grade O-4 to remain on active duty until completing 24 years of service.”

One thing was for certain, Richard hadn’t served 40 years, and it was extremely doubtful it was even close to 20 years – if at all!

Rewriting History

The evidence against the Pickerings was mounting fast. All over the internet were clues and references that built a picture of Theilmann’s life very much different to that portrayed by Clay and Shawn Pickering.

For example, the Pickerings had claimed that Theilmann, in the guise of Source A, was a veritable hero in the aftermath of the horrific Katrina hurricane that hit New Orleans in 2005.

“When the devastation of Katrina had hit its zenith in New Orleans, a contingent of military VOLUNTEERS had made their way to the Superdome. One of those who VOLUNTEERED was our guy. When the contingent received word that there were gang rapes going on in the Superdome, our guy and a few Marines took part in finding these bottom-feeders. They would find the women who had been raped including some of their children and asked them to point out who took part in this abomination. The woman (with corroboration) proceeded to point out the rapists. Word spread quickly among the rapists that the military was arresting and rounding them up. This made things more difficult, obviously. The contingent would find these people [?] hiding in dirty laundry baskets, one in a container of feces and every place imaginable to get away. Some of these rapists would fight, some would just give up. By the time the contingent finally rounded up who they could find, it would be around twenty four rapists. There were far more who got away. Those found were arrested, tie-wrapped, and thrown in back of the RVs for detention.

One woman who our source administered to, was raped so badly that her bloody clothes had dried and stuck within her vagina. This woman sacrificed her body to stop the rapists from doing the same to her daughter. With her permission, this woman let our guy pour warm water over the area to loosen the cloth so a topical medicine could be applied. Once this was done, our guy applied a bandage and nylons to stop the bleeding. This woman who gave a man permission to do this, watched and cried as he relieved her pain. When our guy was finished, the woman sat up and gave our guy a tender kiss on the cheek that made his heart melt.”

This was truly an unbelievable story. Andy, under the guise of Mur, posted an exhaustive list of reports from major news sources that showed how all the reports of rape at the super dome were false and a result of media myth making. If those stories were false, what did that tell us about Source A’s acts of heroism and kindness in New Orleans?


“The stories were told by residents trapped inside the Superdome and convention center and were repeated by public officials. Many news organizations carried the witness accounts and official pronouncements and in some cases later repeated the claims as fact, without attribution.

But now, a month after the chaos subsided, police are re-examining the reports and finding that many of them have little or no basis in fact.

They have no official reports of rape and no eyewitnesses to sexual assault.”

“The Los Angeles Times, the New York Times and the Washington Post followed up with similar, well-researched efforts debunking myths and coming to essentially the same conclusion we had: While anarchy indeed reigned in the city, and subhuman conditions in the Dome and the Convention Center shocked the nation’s conscience, many if not most of the alarmist reports of violence were false, or at least could not be verified. Dozens of other newspapers and television outlets joined in, offering news and opinion pieces, many doggedly questioning what they and others had earlier reported.”

The story above attributed to Source A (Richard Theilmann) was yet another lie from the Pickerings. Furthermore, that lie could be exposed with facts and evidence.


“The following was written by Richard Theilmann, an independent filmmaker whom I had the pleasure of spending time with while in Houston during the aftermath of Katrina.”

It seemed that Richard told different people different stories. Let’s continue:


“I stared in horror as day after day nothing was being done to help the people trapped in New Orleans. Worse yet, being ex-military, I know that we could move out in 48 hours. Also, I still have contact with people on Active Duty and I was receiving e-mail from old buddies such as Col. Liston, USMC who said they were all standing around waiting for orders and Lt. Col. John Mayers, US Army, 82 Airborne who said that he had 1,500 paratroopers with equipment ready to drop in and restore order but nothing in the way of operational orders had come down from CentCom. [Central Command]. Life was very busy here at home as Rosemary and I were preparing for our huge Bankruptcy Sale on Friday, Sat, Sun and Monday of Sept. 2 – 5.”

Of particular importance were the terms “ex-military” and “Bankruptcy Sale”. The former for obvious reasons, the latter because it reinforced the former! It also conclusively showed the team there was no way whatsoever that Richard could be an active duty member of the military. Off world or on.

“Sundays sermon by Fr. Mead [Matthew], urging us as followers of Christ to heed the words, Feed my Sheep, take care of the Sick. I could here Matthews own frustration as he implored people to “Do Something” ! I seriously made a commitment to find out what I could do. As it turned out, so did a new acquaintance of mine. I received an urgent e-mail asking for support and to volunteer to actively assist in recording the stories of the people and the recovery effort. I jumped into action, replying in the positive and made plans to move out as soon as our sale was over on Monday. We drove down straight through the night, arriving in just 32 hours. My first day consisted of still shots of Drew conducting interviews. This was intense and the people’s stories were compelling.

Some of the stories we heard contained description of beatings and rapes. Such violence is not inevitable.”

This account, told by Theilmann himself, was quite a jump from arresting rapists and tending to the raped. The rest of the article provided a great insight into the mind of Richard Theilmann, an insight totally at odds with the Source A persona and everything attributed to him by the Pickerings.

The above excerpts were further endorsed by the “Saint Mary The Virgin” church in New York City:


“Parishioner Richard Theilmann is in Houston for a week to help with those displaced by Katrina”

Things were looking a whole lot differently than the original story told by the Pickerings.

Failed Health Check

The church website was also the source of the following information pertaining to Richard’s health; Information that would further illustrate why the Source A story was a poorly written piece of fiction.

http://www.stmvirgin.org/article136621.htm (June 2008)

“Richard Theilmann is at Long Island Jewish Medical Center, New Hyde Park, New York, recovering from surgery.”

http://www.stmvirgin.org/article139058.htm (June 2008)

“Richard Theilmann also continues to heal at home following surgery.”

Why was this important? Here’s why:

http://www.heart-valve-surgery.com/heart-surgery-blog/?p=698#comment-7708 (January 2009)

“We can learn from the other countries such as Canada, France and England and apply what works best. My main question is why should health care ONLY be available from your Employer. Forget private coverage, TOO EXPENSIVE. I had a Mirtal Valve repair May 29, 2008 under my wife’s coverage as a dependent because I’m self employed and I have no health Ins. We separated last year but she kept me as a dependent because we knew that I needed the surgery. I’m now divorced and looking for employment since I had to give up my contracting business due to the amount of time that I was away recovering. At 55, needing health ins and a job that provides coverage, this is just WRONG that this country can’t come up with an affordable way to do this.”

Surely, an active duty officer of the United States Navy would not need to be a dependent of their ex-wife just in order to get an operation, they could have the operation as part of their military benefits?

Surely, an active duty officer of the United States Navy would not class themselves as being “self-employed” or having to give up a contracting business?

Surely, an active duty officer of the United States Navy would not need to look for employment that provides health insurance?

Of course not, Richard Theilmann was not an active duty officer of the United States Navy, otherwise he would never have found himself in such a precarious position in the first place.

All of those people who had wondered at Source A’s mysterious absence from May 2008 through to July 2008 now had their answer. He wasn’t undergoing “modifications” in order to meet conformer reptilians (also, as claimed by the Pickerings), he was having a heart operation and spent the time recovering.

Working Out

Evidence showed that Richard hadn’t worked for the military since at least 2001, but possibly much earlier than that. His Facebook page (now switched to private) listed his employer as “Mac & Tel Networks”, very probably the business that went bankrupt in 2005 (see above).

The Internet Web Archive has an archive of his website(http://www.mac-telnet.com) going back to May 2001. The last entry being June 2003.

Domain ownership information confirmed the domain name as belonging to Richard Theilmann, and was first registered in 1995. His occupation on the MySpace website was listed as “Apple Macintosh Computer Repair”, again corroborating the work information already discovered.

Source A’s School Days

In addition to the business information, Facebook also provided the team with his High School information, the school being Northport High School  ’71; information that itself was corroborated by the Northport High School Class of 1971 email directory.

This information was further proof that Richard could not have been in the Navy in 1968, he was still at school and would be for another three years!

Final Verification

With all of this information in hand, the team contacted Bruce Maccabee once more, since he had personally met with Source A on a navy base and indirectly ended up vouching for him. The team told him that they had discovered the name of Source A and I wondered whether Source A had identified himself by name to him.

Bruce said he had: “Yeah Richard, Richard Theilmann“.

As has so often been the case when investigating fantastic stories with anonymous sources and cloak and dagger intrigue, as soon as a chink in the armor appears allowing you to investigate the smallest aspect of it, the whole thing comes crashing down around you.

One glimpse is all it takes in order to dismantle the lies and deceit that are always protected under a cloak of anonymity. Stories like these are anonymous for a reason: to prevent fact checking.

The research team managed to uncover all of this information in a matter of days, and not one single part of the Source A story told by the Pickerings stood up to even the slightest scrutiny.


All of this begged the question, who was hoaxing who? Did the Pickering brothers fabricate the entire story, with Richard Theilmann simply an actor playing out a role? Or were the three of them in on it together?

Or was it all a huge ploy by those in the exopolitics crowd in order to increase the believer quotient and increase their revenue streams? Or was it an effort to drum up a story in preparation for an “expose” documentary to be directed and produced by the Pickering brothers?

Well, when one digs further into the backgrounds of these three people, a strong argument for the screenplay hypothesis starts to emerge. The Pickering describe themselves as screenwriters, but the 1995 title “How Much is Happy” is the only dramatic work found so far.


“How much is happy?

Type of Work: Dramatic work and accompanying music

Registration Number / Date: PAu002040462 / 1995-12-29

Date of Creation: 1995

Title: How much is happy?

Description: 126 p.

Copyright Claimant: Shawn P. Pickering, 1962-, John Walter, 1961-, & Clayton F. Pickering, 1961-

Notes: Screenplay.

Names: Shawn P. Pickering 1962- John Walter 1961- Clayton F. Pickering 1961-“

Interestingly enough, when one looks at Richard Theilmann’s friends on Facebook, there is an  apparent connection with screenwriting amongst a small number of them.

The research team tried many times to get in touch with Richard, via email, the social networking sites and on the telephone. They wanted to get his reaction to everything uncovered, but he was either unwilling or unable to take their calls.

Since this hoax was exposed, the Pickering Brothers never went on to produce any future films.

Note: This updated and edited article was originally written by Stephen Broadbent and published on now-defunct RealityUncovered.

Originally published on TopSecretWriters.com

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