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Who Was Gordon Novel and What Was RAM?

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Who Was Gordon Novel and What Was RAM?

The question of Gordon Novel’s government involvement circles around his involvement in the history surrounding the JFK assassination.

There are volumes of material across the net digging into the JFK conspiracy theory involving the CIA.

Instead of detailing the sordid past – there’s more than enough material on the web covering this aspect of Gordon’s activities – I’m going to quote from one of the best sources for learning about Gordon’s JFK association.

That is an article titled, “Gordon Novel: CIA Agent or Con Artist?” by Dave Reitzes.

The JFK Madness and Gordon’s Part

If you’re curious about the accuracy of what Dave has written – just review the first part of that page where Gordon Novel had repeatedly threatened Dave to take down the page.

Obviously there’s something there Gordon doesn’t want people to know.

Here’s a repost of some assorted notes on Novel, beginning with the subject that brought Novel his original notoriety — his claim that a munitions burglary he participated in had actually been a CIA operation.

This is, in fact, what lies at the heart of Gordon’s alleged JFK investigation involvement.

Contrary to later claims by participant Gordon Novel (a self-proclaimed electronics expert who was working with Garrison until Garrison decided that Novel’s associations were suspicious and subpoenaed him as a witness, whereupon Novel left the state), the heist appears to have been, in fact, a simple burglary, not the CIA “weapons transfer” alleged in many conspiracy books (cf. New Orleans States-Item, May 25, 1967; Grand Jury transcript of Rancier Blaise Ehlinger, March 30, 1967). Nevertheless, even Gus Russo reports the incident as a CIA weapons transfer (Russo, Live by the Sword [Baltimore: Bancroft, 1998], pp. 150-53).

This is only partially true – a few years ago I spoke with author Gus Russo on the phone when he was working on an article covering alleged CIA Ufology involvement.

During that phone conversation, Gus mentioned his past investigation and work on the JFK assassination, so I asked him for his opinion about Gordon Novel, because for a few years my own investigations have seen Gordon poking his head around the fringes of the Ufology crowd.

Russo’s opinion of him was swift and clear, he essentially reported that Gordon was pretty much just a phony.

Gus also wrote to me in 2009:

“If you can, read pgs 150-153 of LIVE BY THE SWORD.

I never even guaranteed that Novel had anything to do with it. And he’s wrong: Arcacha, who was a great friend of mine in the last ten years of his life, NEVER worked for the CIA (and I would bet Novel didn’t either). The CIA merely arranged it for Arcacha’s anti-Castro group to take some weapons from a munitions firm that was under contract to the Agency. End of story.”

Gordon Novel’s Claimed CIA Connections

The oddest part of the Dave Reitzes piece is that Gordon wrote to Dave denying his CIA claims, even though they are well documented in Dave’s article.

They were also well-documented in the years leading up to his death in 2019, on the many mailing lists that Gordon used to distribute information about a reverse engineered alien machine (RAM) and a movie called Kingdon’s Come that he wanted to produce.

So Gordon’s denials were strange, to say the least.

According to one account by Gordon Novel, “It was one of the most patriotic burglaries ever committed . . . the CIA virtually gave us the key to the bunker . . . my fellow burglar, Arcacha Smith, and I are still employed by the CIA” (A. J. Weberman Web site, Nodule 21).

I had seen claims Gordon had made in emails to potential investors for his RAM project and the company he had launched to promote it called RAM Gravionics LLC. Claims related to his alleged connection with CIA.

These claims stemmed primarily from his contacts with the elusive and mysterious “RP” – which anyone familiar with the situation knew was Dr. Ron Pandolfi, who at the time was working at CIA’s Directorate of Science and Technology.

Ron Pandolfi and Gordon Novel

John and Victoria Alexander with Ron Pandolfi (right) and his wife Aliyah

When potential investors confronted Ron directly about such claims, he would often write an obscure diatribe that hinted at a deeper meaning – a metaphorical collection of words and potential clues.

“Believer” investors thought he was hinting at authentic CIA involvement. RP bcc’d those emails to friends that he considered as “sane”, because he thought they were funny.

I asked him how he could find a $200 million scam funny. His response was,

“Because I know the $200 million scam will only turn into a $200 fraud.”

When pressed about a very specific investor and scientist I was trying to warn away from getting involved with RAM at all because I thought they seemed like decent people (albeit gullible), his response was:

“You can tell [name removed] that when anyone asks about Gordon I give them a straight enough response, that is straight enough if they are somewhat in contact with reality. Otherwise nothing I might say would help. I am also straight with Gordon. But frankly the idea of a guy running around the country saying he has the backing of CIA to reverse engineer a UFO using parts from old cars and junk electrical circuits is really funny!”

This was Ron’s sense of humor. To watch seemingly intelligent, wealthy believers in UFOs and aliens throw thousands, if not millions, in the trash – was the funniest joke in the world.

Unfortunately, his game-playing also bolstered the believers even further. Obviously, the involvement of anyone from any alphabet agency simply had to mean the person or organization was legit, no matter how ludicrous the claim.

Gordon Novel’s CIA Involvement

Imagine it’s 1998, and word gets back to the CIA that someone out there is claiming to be a CIA operative as part of the JFK assassination conspiracy madness.

The CIA Office of Security conducts a brief investigation, and as a result we have this declassified documentation – an internal memo/documentation contained in CIA security file record number: 104-10305-10000. Page four of the file states:

“Sergeant Haas was advised that a Gordon Novel, believed to be identical to the Gordon Novel of interest to Fort Lauderdale’s Organized Crime Division, is not now nor has he ever been an employee or employed in any capacity with the CIA. The undersigned added that since the late 60’s, Gordon Novel has periodically claimed employment with the CIA.”

Why was Gordon claiming CIA connections? The page 5 incident report lays it out nicely:

He is claiming to be affiliated with the Agency and under this guise has approached several companies specializing in electronic surveillance. It is for this reason that caller wishes to verify SUBJECT’s employment.

Another clue, from page 7:

Subject advised that he had an economic formula which would solve the world dollar dumping crisis – IR – 9 February 1973

Another clue, from page 10, dated 1980:

…and in the ensuing conversation Novel indicated that he was involved in a “commercial venture” and felt that the results might be of interest to “ONI”. He indicated, in essence, that his project involved outfitting a “fast patrol craft” with various means of testing defense systems (NFI).

In the conversation above, Gordon claimed, once again, an affiliation with the CIA. Page 16 reads:

Mr. Jameson also requested traces on two individuals who are alleged to have been involved in this matter — Larry Blanscett and Bridget Pfiffer. He was advised that the Office of Security had no record of either of these individuals.

Now – while it’s clear that Gordon Novel had a long history of attempting to “sell” his commercial ventures by claiming a connection with some alphabet agency, what’s a little bit strange is the question of whether he always worked alone.

The introduction of the two individuals above suggests one of two things. It may be possible that Gordon Novel was working alone and invented those identities of his own accord.

However, it might also be possible that there are others, either faking Intel involvement, or misrepresenting their actual Intel status and position, in order to manipulate and use Gordon Novel.

Either way, Gordon is gone, unfortunately, so the world may never know the truth.

Editor’s Note: This updated article was originally published on Realityuncovered, which is no longer active. The original author was Ryan Dube

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