Sally Painter

Sally Painter

Sally Painter is a freelance writer and published author. As TSW’s health/environmental expert, this green lifestyles blogger and organic gardener has investigated health and environmental issues.

Her experiences with the paranormal and supernatural have led her on a lifelong search for the truth.

Background in Paranormal and Environmental Topics

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When she was invited to participate in a three-year paranormal project, Sally had no idea she was embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. She went on to host paranormal workshops and an Internet radio talk show. Her other areas of expertise include Feng Shui, Interior Design, Human Resources, Organic Gardening and Green Living.

Current Writing Work

Presently, Sally writes romance books for a growing audience. She also writes numerous online articles and conducts interviews with experts in the fields of paranormal, feng shui, organics, horoscopes, and green living. Sally has a long and established record of investigating a topic with tremendous detail and leaving no stone unturned.

As a contributing writer at, Sally is able to use her writing and research skills along with her background and experience in health and environmental issues to present readers with interesting and insightful articles they can’t find anywhere else.

“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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