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  • oluwasegun

    i want to e rich and come to Amrican,am into music here in nigeria



  • light


  • Anonymous

    Many interesting articles and great writing. However, this site does seem anti-Chinese. You even have a “Inside China” section. I noticed Ryan Dube makes great counters against the propagandists, but overall this site seems biased against Chinese. There’s something to expose in every country.

  • We are anti-corruption, anti-dictatorship, and we stand firmly against human rights abuses. Since there were so much more of each of those things in China than in any other country in the world today, it was necessary to create its own category and focus weekly on the abuses there. We have covered issues in North Korea, Russia, Malaysia, Libya, and many other countries, but no other country comes even close to matching the abuses that occur in China on a daily basis. Thanks for your feedback though.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for clarifying my doubts. I guess I felt the animosity from comments such as “50 cent army…”(I just found out about this), but then again they are the 50 cent army so you guys are just calling them out.
    I’m not Chinese btw.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve re-read your reply several times. You said, “We are anti-corruption, anti-dictatorship and we stand firmly against human rights abuses.”
    There are many governments including ours that are just as corrupt as china, if not more(it’s relative imo). Pretty much everything you’ve said applies to almost every country, maybe china is the worst but idk for sure since I’ve never lived there.

  • Anonymous

    Now that I think about it, muslim countries have the worst corruption and human abuse problems. Why do you not have a section of muslims or any muslim countries that still have slaves?
    I’m kinda feelin that you are against china now.

  • Anonymous

    I feel like I’m in high school but if you had to choose from my choices, where would you prefer to live Mr. Ryan Dube: China, Somalia, Pakistan, North Korea or Zimbabwe?
    (please excuse any grammatical errors etc.)

  • First, you’re not fooling anyone. It’s fairly obvious that you live there and you’re just another 50-center. I think your new tactic – playing naive – is creative, but it’s also transparent. And no – the level of corruption that we describe about China does not exist for “almost every country”. That is entirely untrue. Corruption exists to some extent, but nowhere near the level of what the Chinese people face when it comes to the Communist leadership.

  • I disagree – Muslim countries do not have “the worst corruption and human abuse problems.” Middle East societies may have a long way to go to achieve gender equality and such, but the degree to which governments crush public comments against leadership in those countries is nowhere near the level that the Chinese communists cracking down on anyone daring to speak or write negatively about the Chinese government. I am not against China – I think the Chinese people are some of the most industrious, intelligent people on Earth. But we are against the government that is holding the Chinese people back from experiencing a truly free society. There’s no comparison, my friend.

  • I would never choose to live in any society where you can get arrested by the authorities for writing the truth about the government.

  • Anonymous

    I think you’ve fooled yourself. So, anyone who thinks different from you is a 50 cent army? Well if that’s true, your a donkey cuz i’ve lived my whole life in Cali. My instincts were true, your racist against China.

  • Anonymous

    I like how you don’t answer donkey.

  • Anonymous

    Your a out of work redneck, who blames everything on china lol.

  • Anonymous

    Watch man, I will expose you as the racist you are, starting with the coin community in the U.S. you donkey.

  • Anonymous

    Eventhough you’d rather live in China then the other countries I mentioned, you decide not answer the question and call me a “50 cent army” member. Great Moderation “MOD”, great discourse.

  • It’s a stupid question – it’s like me asking you, which would you like more, if I poke you in the eyes or punch you in the face?

  • No – it’s just really easy to recognize Chinese party propagandists because you always use really poor logic, and then resort to calling names.

  • Anonymous

    Your proper answer should’ve been, “we don’t have any correspondents in muslim countries yet”. But you choose to fit this whole argument into your paradigm and call you critics, “50 cent army”.
    Seems your the “50 cent army”.

  • Email me at ryan -at- I’m more than happy to compare income levels, pal. As though that makes any difference to the discussion at hand, but if you want to go down that road, I hope you are better prepared than you are for this discussion.

  • Anonymous

    Since you think I’m Chinese and I live in China, I’ll send you some toilet paper because it’s super cheat here.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for making my point. The answer is……..”it’s RELATIVE”.
    Me, I’d personally prefer an eye poke since I’ve never felt it before.

  • Anonymous

    So if I give you all my personal info, including taxes and etc. What will you say about me being a “50 cent army member”?
    I’m re-reading all the posts and your saying I resort to name calling but it all started with you calling me a “50 center”. We can talk right now on the phone buddy, whatever you wish. If you were not so biased against China, you’d realize our biggest threat has always been Islamic countries.
    Do some research on the origin of the Marine Hymn, “From the Halls of Montezuma, to the Shores of Tripoli”. If you want to watch a great documentary pertaining to the subject watch, “Early Muslim Extremists In American History”.
    Lastly, answer my question(it’s not silly). So your saying you’d rather live in Zimbabwe then China right? Your toilet paper is on the way.

  • Who is the “our” that you’re talking about? You still want people to believe you’re American? You are trying to distract the discussion from the real issues – attempts by China to set itself up to undermine Western economies through counterfeiting and otherwise obtaining proprietary innovation. No Islamic country presents the level of threat to U.S. national security that China does. Its military growth, its complete disregard for fair economic/business practices, and of course the extreme level of government/communist propaganda both inside and outside the country, are all just the tip of the iceburg when it comes to the Communist China threat.

    As far as the toilet paper, keep it. You’ll need it to clean up the stuff that keeps coming out of your keyboard.

  • Anonymous

    No need to reply to you anymore, this site will not last.

  • If that were true, my friend, your comments against me would never see the light of day. But here – we believe that every person has a right to their opinion so we publish your feedback. Quite a concept, huh? You should take that concept back to your Communist leaders. The only place this site won’t last is inside of China, because it’ll get filtered for telling the truth.

    Everywhere else in the Free world, we’re doing quite well, thanks for your concern.

  • Anonymous

    First of all, I’m definitely not your friend. I hope your readers can see you’ve been trying to divert the issues I’ve brought up by accusing me of being Chinese cause you know I’m right.
    So answer, would you rather live in Somalia or China? You remind me of Alex Jones, I called him out as a fear-monger when his popularity was rising about 5 years ago. He used to say stuff like, “Chinese soldiers are in Long Beach right now”.

  • Anonymous

    Since Ryan Dube has accused me of being Chinese, I’m accusing Dube of being Nikolai Volkoff’s aloof brother(if you want proof just look at Dube’s picture).
    This Ruskies agenda is to divert agenda to their communist foe China, so they can reassert their position in the communist world.
    Seriously though, your features don’t look very American to me. Are you of slovak descent?

  • Anonymous

    Oh my bad, your a communist Frenchie! Your a remnant of the Jacobins G. Washington warned us about.

  • Not sure what you think you’re right about – you haven’t really made any point except to say that other countries are “just as bad” as China. We may establish similar contacts in those other countries once resources allow. We’ve just hired another reporter in Malaysia – KHM – who has done a great job so far. We’ve also covered those other countries here at TSW as well…of course you wouldn’t know that, because I doubt you actually bothered to learn much about us before commenting on our “contact” page rather than one of our actual articles. Here’s some reading material as just a few examples:

  • Wow – nice sleuthing. You’re a real pro. If I’d known you were such a good investigator I would have offered to hire you! Amazing!

  • Nailed it – good job.

    If you want to comment further, please comment on one of our articles rather than our contact page.

  • Don Vick


  • kusuke-_-ueki



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  • Nurettin Küçükmotor

    I love the Illuminati.

    I want to become a member

  • Deana

    I just wanted to say I just read one of your stories and it made me brake into tears. Because it hit so close to home. I am a mother of 7 children my one son suffered a serious head injury a few years back and I have a lot of traveling for him. I do everything I can as a mother to make sure my kids have the basic needs but times are hard and Christmas time even harder. I am raising then in public housing because I can not afford to rent a house big enough and I am unable to get a mortgage. My children have been threw so much but I know my children are growing up with lots of love and caring they just don’t have all the cool toys and electronics other kids do. Thank you for writing that story, as I tell my kids just because we are poor doesn’t mean they cannot be successful adults and have a great future!

  • jack loach

    — Jan.10th 2013.

    & Cie Bank —- List of Crimes.

    1996 —–
    F.S.A— Breach in London.

    2003 —– F.S.A.
    — States rogues operating in Pictet’s London office. Ivan Pictet

    that documents were forgeries but were later proved to be genuine in

    British Courts. He had documents destroyrd in their london office —

    to hide the crimes.

    .- – – The Securities and Ecxhange Surveillance issued a

    the Prime Minister and The Commissioner of the FSA to take
    disciplinary action against Pictet Asset Management – Japan Ltd.

    .– Dec. – Pictet Bank state – ” We have never chosen
    any funds linked to Madoff.

    2011 – – – Madoff
    Trustees sue Pictet & Cie. Bank for $156 Million.

    2012 – – – April
    – Geneva Bank Pictet used in Offshore Tax Scheme. ( USA.)

    2012 – – – July.
    — De – Spiegel. — states – Pictet Bank uses a letterbox
    company in

    and a tax loophole involving investments in London to gain

    millionaires as clients.

    – – – August —- German Opposition Leader accuses Swiss Banks of
    “organised crime.”

    Update . Dec 1st.

    The following sent
    to – – – – 312- – Lords – – – – – – House of Lords. ( Inc. Lord

    The following sent
    to – – – – 649 – – M.P.’s – – – – – House of Commons.


    & Cie Bank.




    de Saussure.

    – Francois Demole.

    de Planta.


    & Cie.-
    claim they are the “Rolls Royce”of Swiss banks.

    Banks or more correctly Swizz banks.

    —- “ a great
    disappointment.” or a “ fraud.”

    —“ an
    intentional deception or dishonesty.”— “a crime.”

    —“ an act
    committed or omitted in violation of a law.”

    Crimes .

    to pervert the Course of Justice.

    the Course of Justice.

    of Court.

    & Cie Bank –Partners –(1996—2012)—guilty.

    &Peters – Partners.— (1999—2012)— guilty.

    bank and it’s officials/lawyers deliberately withheld crucial
    documents requested under a High Court order. The bank and it’s
    officials/lawyers deliberately withheld evidence from the Police, and
    one of it’s account managers Susan
    Broadhead gave a false witness
    statement to the Police.

    Another one of it’s
    managers Nicholas Campiche
    ( Now Head of Pictet – Alternative Investments.) concocted a letter
    pretending to be a client and closed his account. The senior partner
    (Ivan Pictet.) sought
    to have numerous documents destroyed,along with those copies held in
    their London office’s of Pictet
    Asset Management. Initially
    stating that they were forgeries then their lawyers Peters
    & Peters – Monty Raphael –and
    the barrister Charles Flint.Q.C.
    later had to admit in Court that
    the documents were genuine.

    Parliament. Hansard .29th
    March 2007.

    Barry Sheerman

    Constituents of mine have lost
    £2 million through fraud. The fraudster used Pictet & Cie – – a
    French Bank – – and Pictet Asset Management to back the fraud being

    (1) It is a criminal
    offence for a bank to knowingly act for an undischarged criminal
    bankrupt in so far as it seeks to assist that criminal bankrupt in
    the fraudulent movement of monies. ( Money Laundering.)

    (2) It is a criminal
    offence for a bank to lie to the police and the bankrupts trustee in
    bankruptcy in so far as any knowledge of, or dealings with the bank
    was refuted .

    (3) A bank can be guilty
    of Contempt of Court if it fails to comply fully with the Courts
    order for discovery .

    (4) The banks
    contempt is further compounded if it fails to address its error after
    it is specifically drawn to the to its solicitors attention. ( Monty

    (5) It is a criminal
    offence under the Financial Services Act to seek to destroy evidence
    that might be relevant to an investigation .

    (6) It is a criminal
    offence not to relinquish control of funds to the Trustee immediately
    the fact of the bankruptcy is drawn to the banks attention.

    (7) It is a criminal
    offence to lie or otherwise obfuscate the lawful and proper enquiries
    of the F.S.A.

    In the F.S.A.
    cover up , they concluded that there had been “ Rogue”
    elements in Pictet & Cie’s , London operations . They had been
    moved from their London Office so who was there left to prosecute. “

    We thank –David
    Cameron. M.P. ( Canary Wharf Speech.)


    (1) Bankers who
    behave irresponsibly should face professional

    (2) If anyone is found to
    have behaved criminally they must be prosecuted.

    (3) The
    F.S.A and the Serious
    Fraud Office should be following
    up every lead,

    investigating every
    suspect transaction .

    (4) We need to make it
    100% clear –those who break the law should face


    (5) That we make sure we
    root out any wrongdoing that may have happened, whoever

    is involved,
    however high or well connected they may be.


    Managing partner in
    Pictet & Cie Bank . — retiring -?. 2010.

    President of the
    Geneva Financial Centre. —stepping down -2010. ?

    World Bank.committee
    member.—- ?

    United Nations.
    Investment Committee member,

    Vice President – Global
    Humanitarian Forum. — redundant.2010.?

    Member of the Henokiens.

    Blackstone Group —
    Board Member.

    Past- President –
    Geneva Private Bankers association.

    Past –President –
    Geneva Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

    ( Peters & Peters.)

    —- Doyen of U.K. Fraud lawyers.

    Head of Fraud and
    Regulatory Dept. —- stepping down, –2009.?
    Director of the Fraud
    Advisory panel.

    Member of the Law Society
    of England & Wales.

    International Bar
    Association Member.

    Parliamentary Questions received by the table office ..

    (1) To ask the
    secretary of state what steps he is taking to ensure that Swiss Banks
    such as Pictet & Cie do not evade criminal prosecution under EU
    law even when the illegal act is committed by a London based

    (2)To ask the
    secretary of state what steps he is taking to protect the rights of
    UK citizens who seek redress following criminal activities by Swiss
    banks with subsidiary offices located in London.

    ( America’s Top Lawyer .)

    You can be
    the richest man in the world with the best lawyers that money can buy
    but you cannot win against a man who has got nothing left to lose and
    is telling the truth.

    Truth Hurts.

    Pictet. Announces stepping down from Pictet & Cie. 5th
    Feb 2010.

    Stepping Down—President of Geneva Financial centre.—2010.

    Monty Raphael.
    Steps down as head . May. 2009.

    *** We
    note that there has been a sharp increase in Peters & Peters
    partners leaving to go to other practices. Moving does not alleviate
    them of any responsibility from any illegalities that may have
    occurred at Peters & Peters during their partnership tenure. From
    1999 onwards.

    Were currently waiting to see if the Police and other Law
    Enforcement Bodies attempt to cover this case
    up like their F.S.A.
    counterparts. If
    they do –“ then watch this space.”

    We were informed
    that due to pressure from our M.P. that the Ministry of Justice have
    asked Lord Myners to investigate our claims that the F.S.A. covered
    up the illegal activities of Pictet Asset Management. London.

    It has been noted
    that the book launch for PICTET was held at Lord Myners Belgravia
    home.We might as well have asked Ivan Pictet to investigate our
    complaint.-or someone from FRIENDS RE-UNITED.

    Lady Myners on Prix
    PICTET advisory board.

    The consensus of
    opinion is the Pictet & Cie should be prosecuted , and that their
    U.K. banking licence should be taken away.

    Their Solicitors at
    Peters & Peters .London “ struck off and prosecuted..”

    *** Started
    campaign — June 6th.2008.

    4 years —- approx
    6 .5 million e-mails – – – but still no writs, injunctions or threats
    of litigation – – – WHY – – – because it is all true.

    *** . The bigger
    they are — the harder they fall.!!!

    America —- they would have all been in prison for the last seven


    ” Google ”

    Insert– ( Charles
    Pictet. Banker.

    Insert– ( Ivan

    Insert– ( Jacques
    de Saussure.Banker.

    Insert– ( Nicolas
    Pictet. Banker.

    Insert– (
    Jean-Francois Demole.Banker.

    Insert– ( Renaud
    de Planta. Banker.

    Insert –(Philippe
    Bertherat. Banker.

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